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‘There are no secrets in winemaking’ – Aimé Guibert (Mas de Daumas Gassac)


Ben works on the principle that there is nothing too complicated about winemaking. There are no hidden methods that make one wine better than another. Moreso, wine is a culmination of a multitude of hard-thought-through decisions at every stage of the process: from assessing the ripeness of the fruit to deciding the length of hose to use!

Every wine will tell a story depending on where it has come from and the decisions that the winemaker has made throughout the process. None of these decisions individually are particularly taxing but when combined they add up to a layer of choices which underpin the final wine.

Throughout the process many factors come in to play but Ben feels that for him the key contributors to his wine are an understanding of wine science, a respect for tradition, some courage to trust your instincts and a little luck! We hope you enjoy the wine as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

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