Flint Vineyard wines

The philosophy behind Flint Vineyard is based around two themes: innovation and tradition. This concept is reflected in our logo: a Venn Diagram designed to show these aspects coming together. Winemaker, Ben studied wine production for 3 years and then gained further experience around the world. His interest in wine science combined with time working in traditional wine making regions has shaped his attitude towards wine production. We hope that you find our wines to be exciting, different and a pleasure to drink.


‘Elderflower and lime’

Bacchus is a white grape variety that grows beautifully in England, particularly East Anglia where the sunny and dry climate provides perfect conditions. It is closely related to Riesling and shares some of this noble grape variety’s traits.

The cool climate of England allows Bacchus to ripen slowly and develop wonderful aromas and zippy acidity. Often compared to Sauvignon Blanc, it offers greater complexity with many layers of lime, gooseberry, elderflower and cut herbs.

Our Bacchus is made in a new-world style and is fresh, clean and full of flavour. It is fantastic drunk young, making the perfect accompaniment to seafood or a summer’s BBQ. But it also has good ageing potential, similar to its parent Riesling and can be cellared for five or more years.

Silex Blanc

‘Elegant and refined’

Silex is the French word for Flint and this wine is a blend of Pinot dominant varieties, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. It was always Ben’s intention to make a white wine that was a bit different to the typical aromatic, crisp English style.

The grapes are hand-picked, like all our wines, and then the juice is separated into the cuvée (free run) and taille (pressings). This is fermented and allowed to partially complete malolactic fermentation in oak barrels sourced from a friend’s wine estate in Burgundy.

Our Silex is full of apricot and toasty, nutty flavours with a soft, elegant texture. It drinks well young but has good medium term ageing potential that will allow it to open and develop over time.

Pinot Noir Précoce

‘Perfumed and soft’

Pinot Noir Précoce is an early ripening relative of Pinot Noir that is perfectly suited to England’s climate. When cropped low and looked after in the vineyard it can produce exquisite red wines in the style of a Beaujolais Cru.

The wine is produced using a combination of Beaujolaise and Burgundian techniques that Ben learnt first hand in France. The grapes are fermented partially as whole bunches and partially as de-stemmed and crushed berries. The wine is then allowed to age for 6 months in neutral oak barrels.

Our Pinot Noir Précoce is naturally low in acidity with soft tannins making this a silky smooth wine. It is full of sour cherry fruits and a hint of spice with a delicate earthy, toasty background. It will drink well young but, as many people don’t often appreciate, like a good Beaujolais it will age beautifully.

Charmat Rosé

‘Strawberries and cream’

We were the first producer in the UK to start fermenting a sparkling wine using the Charmat method of production. Unlike the traditional method used in Champagne, the secondary fermentation is completed in a tank rather than bottle giving a more approachable style. It is the method used for all Prosecco wines.

Ben takes huge care in the winery to make sure that this wine has a balance of fun and complexity. He uses oak in a portion of the blend, stirring the lees to add texture and the secondary fermentation is carried out at a cool temperature to allow the slow production of fine bubbles.

This wine is neither a Prosecco nor a Champagne but, rather, is uniquely English. It makes a fantastic aperitif and lends itself to summer days. It is full of red berry fruits and sassy acidity and has been described by Matthew Jukes as a ‘dreamy stunner’ and ‘the best wine in the world made by this method’.


Since our first vintage in 2016 we have been lucky enough to receive recognition for all of our wines. Our Bacchus won East Anglian Wine of the Year in its first year and since then has received consistent praise from wine experts including Oz Clarke, Jancis Robinson and Olly Smith. Our Silex Blanc is served in a very prestigious establishment in central London: one which we are not allowed to name – sorry to be elusive! Our Pinot Noir Precocé won East Anglian Red Wine of the year in 2019 and has picked up national and international medals, making it one of the leading red wines in the UK. And finally our Charmat has proven very popular with wine writers and competition judges, being compared favourably alongside some of the leading sparkling wines in England and around the world.