The Venn Club at Flint Vineyard

The Venn Club is a special project that was launched by Ben and Hannah in 2016 to bring people closer to Flint Vineyard. The name Venn is related to our logo, a Venn diagram which represents the coming together of wine science and tradition.

The central focus of the club is to release small volumes of hand crafted wines exclusively to members. These are wines that Ben produces using the very best lots of fruit and that reflect the nuances of the particular vintage, using ultra premium techniques.

Members also have the opportunity to be involved, with an allocation of tour places, discounts on further wine purchases and invitations to participate in key wine making events such as the harvest and bottling. Many of our members join us regularly throughout the year, forming a small community of interested, passionate and loyal wine lovers!

The story so far…

The last four years have been a bit of a blur for us. We’ve had to check ourselves many times, but above all have felt indebted to our incredible members, many of whom have helped at some of the critical times of year. We are lucky to now have over 200 members.

During this time, we have released seven unique wines for Venn members, giving you the chance to taste different styles that perhaps you wouldn’t ordinarily. Stand out examples have been the Bacchus Fumé: free-run pressed Bacchus left to age in barrel for 12 months, the Venn Pinot Blanc: an age-worthy barrel fermented wine and our very first Single Estate Bacchus, made from our own vineyard’s first grapes in 2018.

The plan for future Venn Club wines is just as exciting…

New for 2019 / 2020…

Most recently our daughter, Rosie, designed the label for one of our Venn Club wines: the 2019 Bacchus Blush. We loved it so much that we’d like to offer you the chance to design the 2020 label. This could be a unique way of contributing to the creation of a new wine.

We listen to our members’ feedback and as a result have decided to produce a barrel fermented Bacchus every year. The feedback has been so good that this may become part of the Flint range. Another example of members making things happen here.

In addition to giving members complimentary places on our tours, we are planning a series of exclusive events throughout the year, hosted at the vineyard. These will allow you to visit, meet other members and just enjoy some time here, accompanied as always by some food!


12 bottle case
Case includes a selection of limited-release wines only available to members
4 complimentary places on one of our Discovery Tours
10 % discount on future wines purchases
Opportunity to be involved (e.g. at harvest or bottling)
Members’ only events (e.g. Vintage Launch, Summer Festival)


What will my allocation include?

Your 12-bottle case will include a selection of limited-release wines in addition to wines from our current vintage.

The Venn Club wines for the 2019 vintage are below:

Venn Bacchus Blush 2019
An exciting take on an oak aged Bacchus. This Bacchus has been aged in our red wine barrels, previously used for Pinot noir.  A beautiful pale pink colour with a stunning, floral nose and a fresh, crunchy palate.  Our most popular Venn Club wine to date.

Venn Chardonnay 2019
A stand out wine from the 2019 vintage, we kept two barrels back to make this a single varietal Chardonnay exclusively for our members. Super ripe, soft and rich, this will be one to savour.

Will I get the same wines every year?

The idea behind the Venn Club is to give members access to ever evolving wines. The wines will never be the same and you will have the chance to see how they develop over time.

When will I receive my wine?

If you are a new member your wines will be ready for delivery or collection immediately upon joining.

If you are a renewing member and have already taken the 2019 vintage, the 2020 vintage will be delivered to you as soon as the wines are ready. This is expected to be early Summer 2021. If you haven’t yet had the 2019 vintage, then it can be sent to you straight away.

Am I tied in?

Absolutely not – you simply pay annually. We will send you a reminder when your yearly subscription is coming to and end. You can decide whether to continue your membership at that point.

I'm in - what happens next?

You can buy membership online by clicking on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button. You will then receive your Venn membership pack in the post and your wines will follow shortly afterwards.

How much is delivery?

Delivery within the UK is included in your annual membership. For international delivery please contact us.