Multi vintage


The most exciting part of the club is the chance to receive limited release wines than have been hand-crafted exclusively for Venn Club members. These wines are made by Ben, in tiny volumes using some of the best lots of fruit coupled with premium, artisan and experimental winemaking techniques.

Flint Tour


We encourage members to visit and offer 2 complimentary places on our Discovery Tour, which can be booked at any time of the year. We value our Venn members greatly and, as a result, treat them with huge care and attention whenever they visit.

Venn CLub bottling


Any members that wish to get even closer to how the wines are made are invited to experience real-life work in the vineyard or winery. We don’t expect you to sweat too much during your time here but enjoy offering the chance to appreciate the true nature of what happens in a vineyard.

Venn member event


We run member events throughout the year such as pop-up restaurant collaborations, our annual harvest party and on-line tastings so that those further afield can stay in touch. We also offer exclusive access to back catalogue library stock wines and organise parallel tastings of these.

The Venn Club at Flint Vineyard

The Venn Club is a special project that was launched in 2016 to bring people closer to Flint Vineyard. The name Venn is related to our logo, a Venn diagram which represents the coming together of wine science and tradition. We are constantly learning how the central overlapping segment of the Venn diagram is developing and this is aided hugely by feedback from Venn Club members.

Central to the focus of the club is the creation of small volumes of hand crafted wines exclusively to members. These are wines that Ben produces using the very best lots of fruit and that reflect the nuances of the particular vintage, using ultra premium techniques. Members get to sample the most innovative techniques and provide their thoughts, which are incorporated back into the winemaking process.

Venn Pinot Gris


2 x 6 bottle cases including a selection of wines made exclusively for Venn members.
This year’s Venn wines include a skin contact Pinot Gris made in a Roman Amphora and a very special wine that is yet to be disclosed!
Priority access to limited release wines, such as our age-worthy Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Exclusive access to our back catalogue, via our online members’ area.
Special prices for Venn members on all wines.
2 x Discovery Tour gift vouchers.
Opportunity to be involved at harvest and many other events in the vineyard calendar.
Members’ only events such as restaurant collaborations and online tastings.


What will my allocation include?

Your 2 x 6 bottle cases will include a selection of wines made exclusively for Venn members, limited-release wines, and our standard range of Bacchus, Charmat Rosé, Silex and Pinot Noir Précoce from our current vintage.

Will I get the same wines every year?

The idea behind the Venn Club is to give members access to ever evolving wines. The wines will never be the same and you will have the chance to see how they develop over time.

When will I receive my wine?

This depends on the vintage but there are usually two delivery slots. The first contains a selection of the wines that are bottled earlier in the year (Bacchus, Pinot Noir Précoce) and is delivered in May. The second contains wines that require ageing but is usually delivered by September or October. This will all be explained in the emails you receive from Ben.

Am I tied in?

Absolutely not – you simply pay annually. We will send you a reminder when your yearly subscription is coming to and end. You can decide whether to continue your membership at that point.

I'm in - what happens next?

Click on the ‘Join Now’ button to renew as an existing member or subscribe as a new member. We will send an email shortly after explaining everything.

How much is delivery?

Delivery within mainland UK is included in your annual membership.  Unfortunately we are not able to offer international delivery. But do ask if you have any queries as we are keen to help where possible.