Flint Labs

Flint Labs is our space to share glimpses of future Flint. Expect one-off, small-batch wines that expand our horizons and test our limits. 

our first can

Hazy Bacchus No.1

Very few wines are suited to cans but this one is. Skin contact, low intervention, no filtration and zero sulphite additions give a hazy wine, perfect for this vessel.


Wines to set the trend

Innovation has always been the backbone of Flint Vineyard.

With Flint Labs we get the chance to set our experiments apart from our normal range and share them with you.

It offers a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts to follow the journey from new idea to finished wine. Whether it be canning a zero-sulphite wine, amphora-aging or Charmat method sparkling wines, we love the challenge of trying new techniques and methods.

Buy the wines and read our Flint Labs Diaries to discover the origins of each new wine. Taste along with us and tell us what you think.

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