The winery at Flint Vineyard has been specified to Ben’s requirements and contains some of the best equipment possible, allowing for gentle and considered winemaking.

All operations are carried out by hand in the winery at Flint Vineyard, including sorting and loading the grapes into the press. Inert gas can be used throughout the process (inside the specially designed press, whilst transferring wine and inside tanks) to ensure maximum aromatics can be retained, which is crucial when making vibrant English wine such as Bacchus. Ben likes to have control of all stages of winemaking but also respects when intuition and tradition play a part. Some wines are fermented and aged in barrels as this is where science departs and winemaking magic takes over.


The winery at Flint Vineyard was installed in-house by Ben and Adrian to ensure that all equipment and winemaking processes were optimised. This also helped save money, which is a concern for a small winemaker.

A fully-equipped laboratory is also based in the winery. This allows Ben to measure and understand the wine at every stage of the process and treat each lot, down to an individual barrel, as its own wine.

“We don’t want to make ordinary wine.
We want you to drink extraordinary wine.”

At Flint Vineyard we spend a great deal of time blending our wines. Prior to this, during pressing and fermentation, the different juice fractions are kept separate. We always ferment the free-run juice individually to ensure that the highest quality can always be achieved with minimal intervention. When the component wines are ready they are blended together to give different layers of complexity.

Tours of the winery and vineyard are available by appointment to visitors where they will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the winemaking and vine growing processes. Ben will personally explain the equipment, techniques and reasons behind their use at Flint Vineyard.

Ben and Hannah in the winery

Discussing the blends for the 2016 Bacchus

The wine laboratory

Ben monitoring juice clarity in the lab

Ben and Adrian

Checking the nitrogen blanketing system