Entières 2021

Venn Club Members only

A special Pinot using whole bunch fermented grapes that were gently pressed, taking the very latter part of the press juice. With whole bunch fermentation (known as carbonic maceration) the latter press wine is highly regarded and hard to attain. It yields a more concentrated, fuller style that is still full of aromatic fruit.

Tasting notes

Entières means whole in French and is used in winemaking to describe whole bunch red wine fermentation, common to Beaujolais. Because the grapes are still intact, an intracellular process called carbonic maceration occurs. This is different to fermentation with yeast and yields fruiter wines.

Once the fermentation on the skins was complete the free-run wine was drained, and the grapes were dug out of the tank and pressed. Usually, press wine is considered to be of lesser quality due to extracting higher levels of bitter tannins. But with whole bunch fermentation, at the very end of the press cycle, the juice and sugars that have been trapped inside the integral grapes are released. This yields a partially fermented juice that is very high in sugars and quite elusive. We reserved this juice fraction and aged it in oak for 12 months.

The additional extraction of sugar has provided more alcohol and body. The wine has a fresh acidity, blackcurrant and leafy fruit notes, a soft, round, toasty complexity and a long finish. We hand bottled the wine direct from barrel with no fining or filtration and it tastes just as it did in the cellar. Enjoy with a special lunch with either lighter meats or delicate spices.

Technical information

Alcohol: 13 %

Titratable acidity: 6.4 g/L

Dosage: <0.5 g/L