Charmat 2017


Elegant, fruit-driven, refreshing

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Charmat is the name of the French man who patented the tanks that allow the production of Prosecco.  The Charmat method, as it is known, involves a secondary fermentation in tank rather than bottle, the latter being the traditional method used in Champagne.  Secondary fermentation under pressure, creates carbon dioxide, which dissolves into the wine and gives it a natural fizz.  By fermenting in tank rather than bottle and releasing the wine earlier a more fruit-driven and approachable style of wine is produced.

This is the first English Charmat method wine to have been put into fermentation in England.  Although similar in method to Prosecco, it is very different.  The base wine was produced from four aromatic varieties, all of which were pressed gently as whole bunches use a Champagne style press cycle.

A small portion of the wine was aged in French oak on its lees (yeast sediment) for 4 months and the lees were stirred every week (batonage) to give a texture and complexity not normally found in Prosecco.  The secondary fermentation was carried out in specialist tanks located in East Sussex.  A long fermentation (over 3 months) has resulted in an elegant wine with a fine mousse.

A beautiful pink colour, the wine is full of forest fruits with a hint of minerality.  The residual sugar balances the crisp acidity and the palate has a balanced texture and long finish.  Best drunk young and enjoyed as an aperitif.