Bacchus 2021


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Loved by many critics, including Oz Clarke, our Bacchus is the perfect wine for those looking for something similar to, but perhaps more interesting than a new-world Sauvignon Blanc. We are super proud of our Bacchus 2021. It was a tricky harvest for most of the UK but we were lucky to pick some beautifully ripe and clean fruit here at Flint.

Ben likes to extract as much complexity and flavour from the Bacchus grape as possible. He does this by picking fruit from different vineyards at different times and handling the individual lots of grapes according to their ripeness levels. Bacchus is a complex variety and can produce wines that are floral, citrusy, herbaceous and leafy. It can present itself as an aged Riesling or as a young, new-world Sauvignon blanc depending on how it has been produced.

*Winner of a silver medal and 91 points at the 2022 International Wine Challenge (IWC). It was the top rated Bacchus in the competition and it ranked in the top four English still whites. The judges’ tasting note described it as: “Green apple, lemon zest on the tangy, zippy palate. Lively, energetic wine.”

Tasting notes
The Bacchus 2021 is bright and fresh on the nose and jumps out of the glass with sherberty elderflower aromas. There is lime peel, cut grass and lavender in there too which reflect the detailed blending and multiple winemaking techniques that have been carefully applied to produce this wine. The pallet is crisp but not too acidic with a lovely balance of sweetness from a small amount of residual sugar and the natural flavours of the grape variety. It has the signature texture that our Bacchus usually displays, which comes partly from a small amount of the wine being aged in neutral oak. This wine can be drunk now and enjoyed on a hot Summer’s day or paired with foods such as chalky cheeses, seafood (fish and chips works well!) and asparagus.
Technical information
Individual selection and processing of grapes from discreet vineyard parcels

Multiple methods used on component fermentations to increase complexity

Combination of whole bunch and crushed / de-stemmed pressing with partial use of inert gas

Specialist and native yeast strains used to provide varietal and aromatic intensity

10 % fermentation and aged in barrel

Blended across over 8 individual components resulting in a layered example of Bacchus

No fining agents have been used so the wine is vegan friendly gluten free

Alcohol: 11.0 %

Titratable acidity: 7.3 g/L

Residual sugar: 2.7 g/L