Bacchus 2020


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Loved by many critics, including Oz Clarke, our Bacchus is the perfect wine for those looking for something similar to, but perhaps more interesting than a new-world Sauvignon Blanc.

Ben likes to extract as much complexity and flavour from the Bacchus grape as possible. He does this by picking fruit from different vineyards at different times and handling the individual lots of grapes according to their ripeness levels. Bacchus is a complex variety and can produce wines that are floral, citrusy, herbaceous and leafy. It can present itself as an aged Riesling or as a young, new-world Sauvignon blanc depending on how it has been produced.

The Bacchus 2020 is similar in character to the 2019, with gooseberry and elderflower notes on the nose under-pinned by a delicate spice like crushed pink peppercorns. It differs slightly on the pallet with more body and texture and perhaps a longer, juicier grapefruit finish. When tasting, it initially offers a stony, grassy character but when swirled in the glass opens up with tropical flavours. A great wine for a summer’s barbeque or to complement hot smoked salmon or just plain old fish and chips!

ALCOHOL: 11.5 %