In 2016, Flint Vineyard was awarded a grant by the Eastern Agri-tech Initiative for £23,000 to carry out research into the Bacchus grape variety.

This research is the first of its kind in the UK and looks to understand more about the aromatic profile of the intriguing Bacchus grape. In many other new-world wine regions, similar research has led directly to better winemaking techniques. This is notable in New Zealand, where a deeper understanding of Sauvignon blanc has allowed producers to create a world-class, distinct style of wine.

Bacchus micro-ferments

Fermentation trials comparing oxygen levels in juice

Winemaking notes

Ben’s notes showing headspace oxygen measurements in the winery tanks

State of the art equipment

Advanced equipment including inert-gas press, nitrogen positive-pressure and temperature control

So far the results from the Bacchus have been very interesting and will help Flint Vineyard develop a unique approach to making wine. These results are also being shared with the wider winemaking community in the UK to contribute towards the ever more exciting and promising English wine industry.

More detailed information regarding the trial updates can be found in the wine section of our blog.